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Puma Seat Covers

15 February 2010 - 05:52 PM

Back when I first brought my Puma. I brought some front fabric seat covers off eBay. As I have a dog that likes to ride shotgun whenever I take her out in the car.

Problem is that I think that the covers are slowly pulling the front seats out of shape.
It said on the item description that they would fit the fiesta. However I forgot that the Puma has sport seats.

Can anyone please recommend some good seat covers that are dog proof, don't distort the seats and still look stylish?

Help I can not log out

29 January 2010 - 10:23 PM

first time on the new look site
One problem I can not find the button to log out.
I know how thick I must sound I tried shutting down the Internet but I am still logged in!!!

Rust Free (I Hope)

21 January 2010 - 10:19 AM

My Puma went into the body shop last week for the first time since I have owed her.

She has now had the rust removed from both back wheel arches and both door sills. (from were the seat belt buckle has got trapped in the door.)
I have also had one alloy wheel refurbished. As It had a gash on the face. Not my doing. I can thank the cars previous owner for that.
Also, two days before she went in. some idiot took a chunk out of her passenger side door, just under the handle. Left a dent and took the paint work down to the black!!!! So I had that fixed as well before it started to rust.

So while she was in. I have been driving around in a 56 plate Renault Clio. It felt wrong. Very wrong. like the feeling that you get when you leave a pet at the vets for an operation. The Clio was surprisingly good on fuel though. but I am not giving up my blue oval.

Anyway back to the point. All the rust has now gone. (that I know of). I am so pleased with my Puma. The quality of the work was first class.

I just don't know what to do about the door sills. I was going to put the genuine Ford Puma scuff plates on to them. but it seams a shame to cover up such a good paint job. Also I have heard that the scuff plates are rust magnets.
Any opinions please?

Im back and its MOT time.

14 November 2009 - 09:55 PM

Hi Everyone.

I haven't been on FOC for ages As I have been very busy as I have been working long hours and my kat has had a lot of thing going wrong with her. Which I will tell you all about in my next few posts.

October is MOT time. I was quite optimistic and I thought that she would sail through the MOT. So just before the mot I put a K&N 57i on her. Well I had been promising my self one for ages so I thought why not. Then the MOT came. She passed but with some advisories.

She needs-
•4 new tires
•the rear brake pipes are corroded
•front suspension arm bushes are worn

The K&N kicks !Removed!. I love it.

With the tires I have decided to stay with the P6000. Was that a good move? I got the front ones this moth and will get the back next month to spread the cost.
The suspention bushes I will leave till they are completely worn out and I will then get some aftermarket ones. Again is this a good idea?
As for the brake pipes my tame Ford Technician has sanded them back and then put hammerite on them. He also had to take apart and clean all my back brakes as my brakes were soft.
I have some pictures of this. So can some one please tell me how to post them?

I said that I have been busy and that is just the start of it!

My signal strength sucks!

04 June 2009 - 09:12 AM

In my Puma I have a the standard CD player. The problem is that My signal strength sucks!
A friend tells me that this is normal. That Ford head units are notorious for week signal. Is this true?
It is driving me potty!!!!!!!
I Carnot afford a new head unit, so in the mean time what is the best areal to get? Will it make a differance, Any ideas?
The areal needs replacing anyway as it has been chewed by a cat!!!! (No joke)