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In Topic: Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Today, 03:26 PM

Yeah it looks awesome, especially that Iron Hulk lol, I haven't read the comic books so don't know if that's what he's called, unless they made him up for this film.




Won't argue with that :)


Hulk Buster Armor

In Topic: Mobius Dashcam - Pedestrian Sigh.....

Today, 03:22 PM

Lol funny replies, I uploaded the family friendly disney version. The R rated version has me using some choice language and my friend stopping me from getting out of the car to unleash the pain.


His excuse was between the hiccups from the booze "I'm crossing here". Ironically the po-po were a few meters down the road outside Brixton tube station. Shame you can't arrest people for being idiotic.

In Topic: Who Has Gotten A Halfords Card? Any Good?

Today, 03:18 PM

Well, it's supposed to be a 15% discount...but some employees aren't capable of working that out and have been giving discounts waaayyyy better than 15% lol

I saved £17 on my first usage of the card!! (And a further tenner since - is it really a saving when you're spending more than you intended to? Meh...Who cares...it's awesome!!)


Hahah so true, I got a 80+% discount on a bunch of cleaning products.  :D

In Topic: Mobius Action Cam

22 October 2014 - 01:55 PM

haha yeah not too good at the standing on head gig haha phil i have the soft ware just cant find the flip180 degree button haha 


It's there within the Msetup program. Connect the mobius to your PC, run the msetup program and ensure the program picks up the camera. Click on the 3rd tab called "Mode 1" 4th option down: "Rotate Video 180degrees". Save config to your mobius and bob's your uncle.

In Topic: A Good Example Of Why A Dashcam Is A Good Idea!

19 October 2014 - 02:02 AM

Yeah just watching this now, pretty sad behaviour. And dashcam highly recommended. £40 mobius = money saved and some peace of mind.