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In Topic: Focus 1.6Lx Auto Keeps Cutting Out On Me

13 April 2013 - 10:24 AM

Ford had to sell them and fit them at £99 tell ford to remember watchdog on the tv where the issue was high lighted it wont be £600 theyre taking the mick on that one i assure you have the fault diagnosed and if its the cluster tell them whats above

Many thanks for your help - I forgot to mention one thing that could be important - I'm not sure...when I carried out the Ford "dashboard test", I had an error in the dtc section - 262. A bit of research told me that it wasn't important and was a communication error of some sort.
Well...a little more research and - like loads of other Focus owners it seems - removed the cluster and cleaned the PCB with WD40, left it to dry overnight and having put it in this morning, the dtc has cleared - it now says NONE.
One point to note is that fault kept coming up after the battery had been disconnected - it would never clear. So - has the magic WD40 fix found another successful end?
Time will tell I suppose and hopefully I won't find out waiting in a right filter lane like I did yesterday...

In Topic: Focus 1.6Lx Auto Keeps Cutting Out On Me

12 April 2013 - 03:06 PM

there is 3 possible issues here the first is the cluster is faulty and yes this will cause the car to cut out a new cluster fitted and programmed is the only answer second is the vss the speed sensor connected to thegearbox but its not quite the same symptoms the third is faulty gearbox software ive known it on vauxhalls the only way forward is to tke it to a ford dealer and have it checked out im going for the cluster myself home diagnostics wont find these faults

Thanks for that - could you specify what the " cluster" is please?
Sorry - you meant the instrument cluster - me bad!
Ford quoted me £600+ for a new one...ouch!