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In Topic: Keyless Entry and Start

15 July 2009 - 09:38 AM

Hi Guys

hopefully you can help, I am about to order the New Titanium 1.6 TDCi in time for the '59 plates to arrive.

However, i want to know from people who have it, whats its like to live with the keyless entry and POWER button.

How does the system work? Do you feel safe leaving the car, when its locked? Is it the same as the BMW where you 'plug' the fob in like an old PS2 memory card, or simply scan it like an Oyster Card?

How does it lock itself and unlock?? And when you have finished with the car do you just push the button and lock the car??

Is there a back-up system like convention remote keys on the reverse? or a key thats used? does it all have to be locked via keyless or is there a normal remote that can be used in conjunction??


The system works very well. You don't scan or plug the fob, just have it in your pocket or bag. It doesn't unlock or lock itself, you press a small button in the door handle, or use the fob as normal. To start or stop the engine, just press the power button. There is an emergency key inside the fob.

Hope this helps,


In Topic: OT - SLR Camera's

10 June 2009 - 12:16 PM

This one?


I can recommend the Canon 450D. It has a wide range of ISO & shutter speed settings, and the kit lens is more than adequate in general use.

Example: Posted Image

In Topic: My engine is making a clicking sound

30 May 2009 - 01:12 PM

When the engine is on whether stationery or idle, I can hear a clicking sound coming from the enginer. I don't know what that is. It sounds like a clock ticking but its only the "tick" I hear every 20 or 30 secs. Anyone have a clue what it could be?

Most probably the air conditioning compressor cycling on and off. It has an electromagnetic clutch which is quite loud. You can prove it is this by turning off the air conditioning.


In Topic: Keyless Entry/Power start on new MK7 Fiesta

12 May 2009 - 09:28 PM

regarding this:

I think the thing we perhaps all should do on this one is RTFM :lol:

I did, that is what it says to do

In Topic: Keyless Entry/Power start on new MK7 Fiesta

12 May 2009 - 08:23 AM

Sorry guys I just need to ask a question,I love the idea of keyless entry/power start,especially for a female as you dont need to fumble around in your bag looking for the key to get in,not nice in some parking spots but, and this maybe a female type question..........I guess the fob thingy has a battery?and if the battery fails the car wont recognise you need to start the car .so how do you start it if the fob thingy goes dead as I said maybe just me but it crossed my mind at least with a key even a remote key you still can get in and still start the car.........or can you? answers please in english .......and remember ime Blonde thanks guys :lol:

Kristal xxxx

The car warns you that the battery is getting low. If it were to go flat though, you remove the cover of the fob and use the key inside to get in. You then hold the fob right next to the sensor on the steering column and I guess it can then induce enough current to activate the system