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Ford Focus Mk1 2.0 Ghia Gearbox Grinding On Down Change To First

18 April 2013 - 09:11 PM

hello all am having a problem with my focus mk1 2.0 ghia, the outher day the clutch master cylinder arm that fits on the pedal snaped off , i replaced it but after taking it for a test when slowing down and going into first it grinds but will go in , i have the clutch all the way down, it does not happen when still going into first nor does it happen in any outher gear. only when moving and changing down to first ,

does any one have an idea what has happend , i will confess when the master cylinder went i was at a set of lights , i panicked and pushed into first grinding it just to move out of the way. hope i havent wrecked the box. thanks, liamk1991