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Aux Menu Disappeared After Bluetooth Module Upgrade

19 April 2013 - 07:43 AM

Hi guys,


I've read a lot of topics in here on how to upgrade your bluetooth module in my Ford Fiesta to support USB and bluetooth streaming. I've managed to get it working by upgrading the module and getting an IDS software update from my local Ford dealer. 


My streaming has been working flawlessly for over a week. Now today, I wanted to stream some music. I pressed the AUX button and it was showing the icon for Bluetooth streaming when I accidentally pressed AUX again. Now, all my AUX submenus are gone and I'm only able to listen to music via AUX cable?! The menu is simply gone. While driving, the menu just disappeared? The menu is just as before the IDS software update.


The module itself is still working, I'm able to choose Ford Audio from my iPhone and it start 'playing'. But obviosly, not audio from the car speakers, 'cause I cant select the Bluetooth menu!


Turning the car on/off had no effect.


Please, Ford owners. Help me fix this very annoying issue!


Thanks in advance,