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#253917 St2 Time

Posted by Neuromancer on 21 April 2013 - 12:22 AM

Yes you won't be disappointed wen you get to drive them as they are completely different to the zetec s and the s1600 as having owned both and many sporty fords such as XR2's/XR3's back in my youngers days to puma's , st170's and st225's i would go so far as to say this lastest st is the best of the bunch :)
All the above mentioned were great in there day but ford really do make them better as time goes on , having not driven an st for over 3 years since my st225 i took a few days to get in the groove of getting use to the powerful brakes being discs all round and the sporty gearbox as the quality of change an shorter shift are a joy to use .
It feels like a go kart wen pushing it into the bends and roundabouts fast an nicely weighted through the steering with a noticeable difference to my previous fiestas and then theres the power and noise of the engine that just begs you to plant the throttle as its an amazing sound around 4,500/5,000 revs .
Not heard a sound like it since my focus st225 days or felt such torque an think 2nd gear is the best for punching out roundabouts and wen you are tramping on at high speed it seems to bob up an down abit but is not unpleasant in anyway making it feeling like you are in a racecar rather than a road car . Fuel consumption seems good an still rising with not many miles on the clock yet and is doing 29mpg so far with mixed driving in town and fast motorway/dual carriageway work .
Only thing that's been upsetting so far is it has a stone chip on the bonnet that i noticed on the second day after picking it up and today wen cleaning it found a wheel has a stone chip as well and only took delivery on Monday , the roads are full of potholes and rubbish which seem to damage our cars costing us a small fortune repairing them !
Will touch up the chip on the bonnet tomorrow as it is noticeable wen the sun is shining on the white paint work an want wax it too as the dealer didn't clean it that well to be honest as had to remove the stickers off the wheels and the dash had a fair amount of dust on it .
Apart from that i am well pleased with the car and it was worth the 10 week wait from wen i placed the order being fast n fun with loads of smiles .

appreciate the info dude, everyone seams to love this car... i think im settled. all i need now is a couple of months and the promotion from work in august.. then the beast will be mine! ( evil laugh )