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In Topic: Is Buying An Old Very High Mileage S-Max A Massive Gamble?

21 April 2013 - 12:48 PM

Thanks guys.


Yesterday afternoon I was hoping to view the 07 model I mentioned in OP (I did say 06) but it didn't happen.  I'm going to run over there later and have a look.  I know it has recent history but I didn't really have time to dig further on the phone.  If nothing else it'll give me an idea of what a 138,000 S-Max looks and feels like.


James, I don't think avoiding high mileage cars at all costs is really necessary to be fair.  I'd rather drive a fully serviced 3 year old 100,000 mile motorway car than a 3 year old 20,000 town car (especially on today's roads). To each their own i guess.


Your 9yr old car with 90k sounds like a good example of what happens when they've just been pootled round to school or spar and back for the entire lives.


I just wondered if there's anything sinister lurking under an MY07 S-Max.