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Fiesta Ecoboost 125 - Bad Fuel Consumption

13 September 2013 - 10:58 PM

Hello folks :)
I am the proud owner of a Ford Fiesta Titanium Ecoboost 125 bhp. Bought the car in April, and It have now hit a mileage of about 3400mi. I am very happy with the car, it handles very well, looks great and all. Unfortunatly there is a but... The fuel consumption. I have trying to drive economically (mixed city and highway driving) but I cant get an average above 28mpg (13 L/km in metric). That is very low compared to the advertised 55mpg. I know i am not supposed to expect whats advertised, but still...
I shift gear early, Im not speeding, not driving with cold engine, not accelerating to fast, turned off the AC. Neither am i fat thus increasing the car's total weight :). I don´t know what I am doing wrong.
I have been reading some other posts on the forum, and people gets an average around 40-50 mpg. That was about what i expected to get from my car, so i´m a little dissapointed.
Is there possibly something wrong with the car, or am I bitching over nothing ?