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Wet Carpets

13 November 2013 - 12:52 AM

hello guys

54 plate 2litre tdci ghia x estate


yet again another few days of sleepless nights

wifes about to give birth any day and the cars broken its waters!!!!


front drivers side carpet drenched

drivers side rear passenger footwell carpet drenched


around the pedals at  the drivers footwell top and around the edges all dry

underneath driver seat is dry

loads of water had gathered up at drivers footwell luckily got a hoover that picks up water, done a good job!


few days later same thing

went to town on all the drainage holes underneath doors with a thin screwdriver all d doors

at the front where d wipers are and plastic trim,cleaned all that area , cleaned out all the drainage holes , all the leafs etc, took my time!

i have to point out this was all recent ,noticed it at the time of that storm we had a few weeks ago, also its been chucking it down on the regulars since that storm so the car like all others has taken its fare share of rain hitting it!


noticed its not really rectified the problem!

after it rains im out there with the water sucker hoover


getting on my nerves now

it must be a common problem and a common solution to it!

if anyone can help , pls do, i thought it was my other half that was gonna get the carpets wet lol

the car has beaten her to it!!!!!!





Knocking Sound 2 Litre Tdci Esatate

28 April 2013 - 10:05 PM



2 liter tdci estate ghia x 2004/5


always given me a head ache so after some good advice got the infamous tensioner done with belt ,original ford parts , jak d ripper price but i got a staff discount , got the service parts aswell oil, filters and and fuel filter changed and air filter,

  took of egr ,2nd time , gunked up bad,took of manifold ,omg was that gunked up or what!!! used a good old degreaser from a mates bus garage,took a few hours but eventually got the egr and manifold spotless,,, intercooler pipe was split,, only bought it about a 18 months ago and the bugger split again.

again original ford ,,just for intercooler pipe is about £55 before staff discount! wat a !Removed!!


power steering pipe from reservoir was knackered , changed dat as well! topped up power steering fluid.


after all that and sum good old fashioned elbow grease replaced all nakerd parts and filters and car was ready to start,

actually sounds like a diesel now.. was gonna change crank pulley but thought bolox to it!

runs sweet now,  but !!! always a but


when on cold start getting a knocking sound, horrible , not the belt or tensioner, checked!

at cold idle, sound is exaggerated  when i slightly raise revs sound goes away, when i let it idle again sound cums back, also when i press clutch down half way sound goes away,, so what i do now is when i start the motor on cold start i put foot down on clutch and start ,leave foot down until motor has warmed up ,let go and then no sound once warmed up!

its irratating at the worst and after shelling out wonga on parts and labour, bit gutted to get this knocking sound on cold start only!    could it be dmf  or crank pulley or clutch???? how do i nail this problem and how do i check if its any of the above???

ps no fault lights illuminated!