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Yesterday, 09:03 PM

It doesn't matter what the colours are, any wire at all bolted to the metal body work is a form of earth. There are no open wires for the speakers. The radio has its own earth feed and everything else go to and from speaker/bluetooth/mic etc directly.

So you are safe to connect it the bolt under the carpet

Even if you were to attach it to the metal body somewhere else it would be connected to the bolt under the carpet anyways through the actual metal body.

The entire car is earthed in that sense

Go ahead and wire it in

In Topic: Mother Chuffing Corsa!

Yesterday, 07:52 PM

The wife and youngin has betrayed you, lol James surely you've !Removed! someone off who has sacrificed a goat in your name and vowed to spend eternity destroying your world using vauxhall as a weapon.

You may need to sacrifice your vauxhall to rid your self of the evil

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Yesterday, 06:00 PM


In Topic: Mother Chuffing Corsa!

Yesterday, 05:56 PM

Oh wow that is cruel so cruel lol poor you James what a nightmare and now you've got to set up with an astra, terrible. In the most hated colour and trim for me too blarggh

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28 September 2014 - 08:56 PM

Well here you go lenny