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2015 Formula 1 British Grand Prix At Silverstone

24 June 2015 - 02:29 PM

Who's going? Surely someone here other than me is going the great British Grand Prix


This is my first time visiting Silverstone and I would very much appreciate any tips from people attending or have been before, rather stupidly I got excited and parted my money before doing some research and finding out local farmers and schools rent out parking at a much cheaper rate  :lol: Much rather driving my Focus than parting another £30 per person by train from Euston London on some 4 hour something train journey!


Time to see our boys Jenson and Lewis, I will definitely be wearing my £30 quid McLaren Honda hat and waving my Union Jack all day long





Drop your name on the list if your attending!


1. Kurt





Mighty Car Mods Black Intercooler Counterargument

15 September 2014 - 06:56 PM

The better part of an argument explained with evidence and science. I have been critical about the black painted intercooler myself but here is everything you need to know






One of the youtube commenters said the following, rather interesting.


"It's not all about power, turbocharged cars are very fuel efficient. A smaller motor can make the power of a big motor, but only when needed. Sitting at idle or low speed with a lower intake temp is a benefit for my fuel economy, as my engine can  use even less fuel to maintain enough power to idle. Also, in a drag race, staging (vrooom popopopopopop) a turbo car can see benefits on the line from a cooler intake temp. Just depends, clearly there are advantages and disadvantages to this mod. Decide for yourself what your car might need"


In reply from EE


"I think you slightly missed the intentions of my video. Let me clarify: A car doesn't need to cool the intake charge when not moving. There's either a vacuum (and thus no temp increase from compression), or any benefit of radiation will be diminished upon accelerating"

World's Hardest Car Quiz

17 August 2014 - 09:36 AM

Found this car quiz and to be a true enthusiast you need 60% I only got 44% clearly not man enough lol

Try it and post up your results

EDIT: http://www.carthrott...rdest-car-quiz/