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Focus Tdci Nothing Happens When Turning Key

06 May 2013 - 05:11 PM

This problem has started as a problem once every fourth night and now it has developed to twice a day.
When trying to start the car when turning the key in the ignition the warning lights comes on, the small light between fuel and temp gauges starts flashing and the odometer shows just ----- . Nothing happens not even a click.
Then when trying half an hour later sometimes the car starts just fine and runs great.

But last day the car has started to give me problems when driving. The car shuts down just like someone has removed the key from the ignition and the lights as mentioned above lights up.

Today I had to get the car home by towing..

What is the problem? I do not dare to drive it as it won't get me to my destination without problems.

When the car runs it runs great but you never know when it will stop..