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Coolant Leakage - 58 Plate 1.8Tdci Mondeo

07 May 2013 - 09:36 PM

Don't know if anyone could help me but today I lost all my coolant from my Mondeo (58 Plate 1.8 TDCI Zetetc) and when I topped it back up I saw that the pipe in the picture had come away and was leaking out coolant.  It appeared to me like its just meant to push down onto the ridged peice of plastic and the compression will hold it on (similar fitting to a garden hose pipe) but 1. I can't get it all the way down and 2. I'm not sure how its designed to be and 3. At what pressure could it come off at - due to drive down to Cornwall soon so don't really want it coming off half way down! (6hr trip!)
Any help/guidance/suggestions gratefully received.