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23 February 2009 - 11:27 PM

The sump plug is on the side like you say. Most fords are 13mm but a think yours might b an allen key (7 or 8mm). Make sure your engines nice and warm before you take it out and let it drain naturally.

If you've got a canister oil filter it will be above the passengers side drive shaft (should be white) Your more likely to have a paper filter tho. This is found when looking from the top of the engine. Quite near the front just right of centre. Can be quite difficult to spot when you don't know what you're looking for. Its a black plastic cap with a 27mm (might be a 32mm) sort of plastic nut on the top.

Cant quite remember where the fuel filter is but a think is in the same sort of place as the fiesta diesels (could be wrong) Its on the left hand side towards the back. Its got a black metal plate half surrounding it. Hope this helps

Cheers Gaz,

Found fuel filter day after posting and found oil filter from your description. When you say warm engine and let oil drain naturally does that mean you don't need a vacuum pump.