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New Windscreen

20 September 2013 - 09:02 AM

My Mondeo has a chip on the windscreen and as it's on the driver's side it will have to be done before the MOT at the end of the month. I took it down to Autoglass to see if it could be repaired and they said it was too big to repair on the driver's side and I would need a new windscreen.


Although my insurance is fully comp, I stupidly and truthfully told the insurance company the chip was there when we bought the car and now they won't pay out for it. So after just having paid out £700 for a new clutch and DMF that tooks us three months to save for, I have to somehow buy a new windscreen. :(


The cheapest quote I've had from a windscreen company is £200. Anyone know where I can get it done cheaper than that? Do garages replace windscreens and is it likely to be cheaper than the glass companies? It's heated and has a rain censor which probably makes it more expensive. Can I get one second hand or is that not legal?

Exhaust Knocking

09 September 2013 - 03:34 PM

Hi everyone


When I go over a speed bump I can hear the exhaust knocking so had a quick look and found something I've never seen before so I took a picture!


there is a strange strap thing hanging down with connections on either side and one side is not connected. It already has a cable tie on it so I presume the previous owner tried a quick fix that didn't work. I presume both sides are supposed to go through this strap thing?

Boot Door Sticking

07 June 2013 - 11:05 AM

Hi everyone, I'm having trouble getting my boot door open and it's not as if I can open it with a key because there isn't a keyhole, just this fingertip thingy underneath the sill. I don't know how it works but it's not releasing the mechanism when I put my fingers on it and I have to fiddle around a bit to get it open. Annoying at the best of times but when I've got the dogs standing waiting to get in or they're already in and I can't get the door open it's even more annoying!


I thought it was the mechanism inside sticking so I've put some WD40 on it but it didn't seem to make any difference, so I presume it's the bit underneath the rubber handle. Is this an electrical thing?

Engine Rattling When Idle

13 May 2013 - 03:36 PM

I bought a 2003 Mondeo TDCi estate a couple of months ago. It has a full service history so I wasn't too worried about it having anything seriously wrong with it.


I've never owned a diesel before and it drives really well, no problems or strange noises, accelerates nicely thanks to the turbo, but when the engine is idling it sounds rattly until I put the clutch down and then the rattling stops. Should I be concerned? We saved for three months to buy a car after the head gasket went on our Vectra and I bought it on my own with no help, so if anything is seriously wrong it, it's going to be my fault of course!

A New Newbie

13 May 2013 - 03:24 PM

Hi, I bought a Mondeo estate a couple of months ago and love it. I thought I'd better join a forum because I'm bound to need help with something sooner or later, in fact sooner as I'm just about to post a question!