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In Topic: Focus 1800 Diesel Engine Problem

24 May 2013 - 07:16 PM

Hello all. I have a good news update. Our mechanic fetched the car away from the dealers and has managed to sort the fault. Yes it was eventually the Turbo which he has sourced and installed. Our Final Bill around a quarter of the prices that we were originally being speculatively quoted, so whilst it has cost quite a chunk of money we are quite pleased that after all this time we now have the car back ok. With a part fitted that was actually required.
I am more than pleased that the guy at the garage we use has managed to sort out everything for that price I know he has spent a considerable amount of time and substituted parts from his own car to check things out. Not to mention managing to sort the Ford dealers charges.
He was genuinely concerned that when we finally needed to buy a part it was in fact required and not just fitted in a process of elimination.
So we are up and running again my confidence in ford cars dented but not terminally, I have been using them too long and this is our first major headache.
Anyway kind regards to all and safe driving.

In Topic: Focus 1800 Diesel Engine Problem

16 May 2013 - 10:27 AM

Thank you for your comments. I think the combined cost of the exhaust equipment and the new turbo made up the estimated £2000.
My mechanic spoke about cleaning the EGR in one of our earlier conversations but to be honest it was all going over me by this time.
He is a really approachable nice guy so I am going to ring him and tell him what you say about the 1800 engine and the catalitic exhaust.
I find it hard to take in the fact that the ford dealer is also unable to pinpoint which of the components is actually at fault.
I don't suppose I should feel to bad because since 1968 I have mainly had ford cars and this is the first time I have had a serious problem. Starting with a ford pop then a couple of Anglias then Mk1 and Mk2 cortina then escorts and now on to focus.
I did for a couple of years have a talbot solara which for a 1300 was a great car. I pulled a small caravan all over the country with that. Perhaps I have been fortunate.
Favourite of all my previous cars . My Mk. 1 Cortina not even a special model but loved it I even managed to get the rust spots to shine.
Thanks again for the reply.
Regards Brian

In Topic: Focus 1800 Diesel Engine Problem

16 May 2013 - 08:33 AM

Hello thank you for the reply.
The car is just unresponsive, no smoke starts ok but you could not pull away from a busy junction with any confidence. It will steadily build up speed to about 35 mph but to be honest we took it straight to the garage so didn't feel comfortable driving it in that condition. When it happened my daughter was pulling away from a junction driving to work having already driven about 12 miles ok no knocks, bangs or indication of any kind and no dashboard fault lights.
Our mechanic now suspects either some filteration equipment within the exhaust system or a defective Turbo or indeed both.
The ford dealers have also come to the same conclusion but like our mechanic says fitting either or both may not cure the fault so we are at decision time.
The problem these components are not items that the garage can substitute for a quick check. In effect you have to buy them to eliminate them. Our mechanic says that more and more this type of situation is arising with most makes of car. He puts it down to the sophistication of the equipment used to give performance to modern engines and also to the reduction of emissions.
He also told me that my engine is made by Peugeot I was flabbergasted at that.
Thank you for your reply.
Regards Brian