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2011 Smax Occasional Knocking Noise - Video Inside!

15 May 2013 - 07:12 PM



First post on these forums and hoping someone may be able to help with a diagnosis!


Our 2011 Smax 2.0TDCI 160ps has started to develop a very occasional knocking noise.  It has occurred twice in the last few months and both times after a cruise on a bypass (not sure if that has anything to do with it).  The first time it occurred I thought it was the exhaust or something knocking but couldn't see anything or pinpoint the area.  


It then didn't re-orror until last week.  This time I took a short in car video and found that the noise does increase with the revs.  Unfortunately the noise level on the video I have uploaded is not a clear as that on my phone but here it is:



As you can see I checked if the noise is coming from the back of the car and it is not.  I also later looked under the bonnet whilst the engine was idling but couldn't hear anything other than normal engine idling.  It seems to be most noticeable from the front footwells. 


The car is booked in next week at the local dealer but I am worried it won't happen when they see it as it is so occasional and they won't be able to help.  The car is out of warranty in a few months and I would obviously like it sorted first and am worried it could be something major?


The car has just done 20,000 miles and has no other issues whatsoever.  Any thoughts appreciated!