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Usb Flash Music Problem

16 May 2013 - 09:51 PM


I just got a brand new Mondeo Estate Titanium X and want to play music from a USB flash drive. 

I bought an HP V220w 64GB flash drive, format FAT32, USB2.0. I downloaded WMA and MP3 files from windows media player. It sees all the tracks and albums and starts playing then stops for a while says its initialising then plays some more and continues this way.

I took the car back to my local ford dealer who adised I needed aflash drive of max 32GB. I replaced my original 64GB for a 32GB of thew same model. put one CD of mp3 on it and it has the same problem. I tried the same mp3 files on a freebee 1,8Gb stick and it plays fine.

I think it could be a compatibility issue, has anyone got any recommendations of flash drives that will work?