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Speedo Drop To Zero, Engine Man Light, Battery Light And Fuel Light Came On... Help...

19 May 2013 - 02:47 PM

Hi everyone!

Before I start, I want to say that I have been reading these forums for months and I managed to fit a new throttle position sensor by myself 2 weeks ago based on the ford focus club's posts from years gone by! I really need some help, I'm totally baffled by the faults my car seems to have... I'm scared that they're intermittent 'gremlins' that ill never fix! I'm a total novice but I'm good at DIY (I'm
The 'man' of the house haha) so ill try my hand at anything simple. The TPS job literally took me 5 mins, that was easy enough.

Anyway, can I give you an overview of what my car has been doing and then maybe you can give me some ideas and advice??

1. The car started to hesitate on acceleration, it feels more like something is 'slipping' or misfiring. It does it if I slam my accelerator down. So, slip roads, it hates slip roads. It kind of... Jumps? Such a strange feeling. Revs dip with it too sometimes. I had diagnostics at ford which threw out error code 'TPS RANGE LOW' - so I bought a new one n fitted it myself. All it's done is made my acceleration better for about a week :/ fault remains

2. Speedo keeps randomly dropping to zero, radio cuts out and then after a few seconds or minutes, it comes back on!

3. Today, I was driving along and the speedo dropped. This time, it lasted for about 10 minutes. Then the battery light came on, then my fuel light, then my engine management light came on and then the car literally just gave up and my power steering and brakes failed. I tried with all my strength to drag it into a side road and called the RAC. Critical point here - the car DID NOT cut out and restarted again with no problems.

RAC turned up and said it would be a drive belt or alternator. Checked both and they were in good condition. All levels were fine (oil, power steering fluid, water etc) battery is fine too. So, the RAC man was baffled. He asked me to drive home n if it happened again, he'd stay right behind me. Well, it drove perfectly all the way home!!! Grrrr!

What on earth might have happened to my car??

I thought loose wiring but I'm not sure why that would cause the loss of powered steering?

It's a 2000 plate 1.8 LX ford focus. HELP ME!! :)