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Sony Nav St3

19 May 2014 - 04:17 PM

Hi all,

Can't find anything on the net really, just wondered if anyone knows of any videos of the Sony Nav system that comes in the St3 fiesta and various other cars? Would like to see it in action but all I can find is videos of the focus...


Ford Sync - Lacking Functionality?

11 May 2014 - 12:43 PM

Hi All, 


Just wondering, has anyone had a Ford SYNC update recently? The Ford site says you have to take it into the dealership to get the update done, which is frustrating...


In the US the SYNC system is a lot more comprehensive, there's many Apps that you can get on your smartphone that work with it, which is really cool in my opinion.


However in the UK we seem to be stuck with nothing, mine does do the Text Message Notification when my phone get's a text, but that's about it.


Anyone know anything about the updates, if there are any at all?



2013 Fiesta St Sony Head Unit Wiring

12 March 2014 - 02:53 PM

Hi All, 


Haven't posted in a while, been busy.!


Just wondered, does anyone have any info for fitting a sub into a 2013 Fiesta ST with a Sony head unit?


I've done it to a Pre facelift (mk7) and a Mk7.5 and they were both fairly similar, but they both had standard Ford head units.


Is the Sony different?



Ford Sync Partial Failure

24 January 2014 - 03:02 PM

Hi all,


been a while since i've posted but i've been pretty busy so not had the time!


Anyway, Just hit 3K miles on my ST-2 Fiesta, and it's developed a weird issue.


The bluetooth system has stopped working, but only partially...


My phone (Sony Xperia Z1) connects and says that both PHONE and MEDIA audio are connected, as soon as i turn the radio on in the car.


However, ford Sync keeps popping up with a messaging saying "         DISCONNECTED". The message is actually incorrect, as there is supposed to be a phone name above the word disconnected, but it just appears as blank space.


Even though my phone indicates its connected for both phone and media audio, all I can do is play music. No phone calls can be made through the sync system, as well as the Signal and Battery icons dissapearing from the top of the sync screen...


I know this is a car issue, as i've tried other phones. Another thing that makes me think this is that I cannot delete the phone from the sync system, it just ignores my request...


Ive done "Set defaults" and "Master Reset", but I think this needs a hard reset.


Would anyone be able to give me a hint on how I can go abouts fixing this?


I'm thinking of removing the fuse and waiting a while and then plugging it back in, but there must be something else wrong!


any ideas?

St Starting Issue

02 December 2013 - 09:07 AM

Hi All, 


This hasn't developed in to an actual issue yet, but i'm worrying that it will...


Sometimes when I get in my car and start it, it sounds like the battery is on the low side. I press the POWER button and the car starts, but to me it sounds like it's nearly struggling to turn over. This is odd as the car is only about a month old, and a voltage check on the battery show's that it isn't low.


I can't replicate the issue properly either, sometimes it happens from cold, sometimes when the engine is still hot/warm. Which in my opinion rules out the "cold outside, thicker oil" explanation.


I don't want to take it to my dealer because I know that it's bound to not happen when i'm there so it will be a wasted trip. Doesn't effect the performance of the car at all, I just wondered if anyone has any ideas as to what might be causing this...


Also, not showing any error codes or anything.