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Improving The Comfort For Very Tall Driver

25 May 2013 - 09:54 PM

My wife has recently sold the lovely Volvo 850 and bought a Focus.  She is very pleased and finds it very comfortable.  She is 5 foot 5.


I was taken a half hour journey this morning and had to drive it back for half an hour this afternoon.  My back aches something awful.  I am 6 foot 5 and 16 stone, so in the tallest 1% of men in the country, and only just a little overweight.


Back in the mid 1990s I had a company car and did 100000 miles in a Mondeo in two and half years.  I had terrible backache then as well.  Now I know the Volvo was a luxury car, built for all them massive scandidavians, but I'd hoped the Focus wouldn't be so bad.


We won't be changing car for a while, so do you have any suggestions (and links to shops or ebay) for cushions, supports etc to help me out.



Newly Bought, How Do I Know If It Has It Got Alarm And Immobileser

22 May 2013 - 07:01 PM

A wrong assumption has been made on the on-line insurance, so we need to correct that with the insurers.  While I'm at it I want to know for sure if our 2003 1.6 LX Focus estate has a Thatcham approved alarm and immobiliser.


How do I check?

Sold Volvo, Bought A Focus

21 May 2013 - 09:03 PM

6 years ago some eejit in a Rav 4 wrote off my wife's 7 seat Renault.  She needed the space to put 4 car seats in a car to take ours and some other kids to school, so we bought a 135000 mile 13 year old Volvo 850 estate.  Kids have grown out of car seats, some now walk to school, so she wanted a smaller more economical and easier to park estate, but still with space for tents and the rest of the camping kit.  We looked at Focus, Golf, Fabia, Astra, Avensis, Laguna, 307, 406, V40, and maybe some others.


I sold the 850, still going strong at 186000 miles, 19 years old and a little rust starting to show where it had been scratched parking.


A friend who works for Fords gearboxes bit said the design life for the engine and gearbox is 150000, so we were reluctant to get anything near that mileage, and most of the Focuses for a grand or less that I saw were rusty and sometimes noisy.


We ended up buying a clean-looking 53 reg estate with 107000 miles on the clock with no service history or owners' guide.


I'm hoping that this forum will help me to keep the Focus running well for a long time, and that Fix Or Repair Daily, is an undeserved reputation.


I'm going to wait till the V5 and the Haynes manual arrive, change oil and filter, and then think about why the idling seems high, and if there's a way of telling when the belt was last changed (if ever).