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In Topic: Has Anyone Retrofitted Heated Seats?

22 January 2015 - 01:11 PM

I've retrofitted the OEM seat heating in my old Fiesta MK7. I'ts not that hard to disassemble the seats, remove the seat from your car en take your time to figure out all the steps.

In the next link you can find a mini how-to, with google translate you should be fine.




Hopes it helps.

In Topic: Switch For Traction Conrol

18 January 2015 - 05:16 PM

You're absolutely right Jace1969, but you're referring to a Fiesta MK7. The TS (And I) talks about a Fiesta MK7,5. There is a huge difference between the two versions. That's why you need a software modification when you want a ESC switch in a MK7,5. 

In Topic: Switch For Traction Conrol

18 January 2015 - 03:32 PM

The ESC switch project is on hold right now. My dealer provided me with the wiring diagram. As far as I can tell is the wiring in place in my Fiesta. My dealer told me that the ABS pump probably needs new software. To be specific, the software from a ST. The dealer could not tell me if it would work straight away and they charge 200 pound just to put the new software in. That is a bit too much for an experiment. So if someone else has more luck, please let me know :P



C2114= ESC switch connector

In Topic: How Could Ford Improve The Fiesta?

28 December 2014 - 05:10 PM

I've got an Fiesta MK7,5 Titanium X. Very nice car, but there some things that ford haven't thought about.


- HID (Xenon) lighting !!

- Oil temperature display (Like the average speed, fuel consumption, etc.)

- 6-speed gearbox as an option
- Sunglasses holder (like the B-max)

- Plastic/rubber cover on the footrest (next to the pedals, Ford removed this on the MK7)

- LED rear light / license plate light

- Rear disc breaks (at least on the S and 125hp< models)

- Moveable armrest (right now it's just useless)

- Better interior finish (do something about the little noises)

- Windscreen washer reservoir sensor (the sensor that tells you that the reservoir is empty. Ford removed it on the MK7)

- Heated seats with 5 settings (like every other Ford model)

- Windscreen wipers with an anti-drip wipe (like the MK6,5, they also removed this function on de MK7)

- Luxurious screen in between the dials (like the Focus Titanium models)

- Fixings points on al the floor mats (even in the back)

- Broken light sensor

- More storage in the back for emergency equipment (out of sight)

- Factory fitted life hammers (integrated in the dash/door panel)


A part from this, the Fiesta is a great car:d

In Topic: Box On Windscreen????

08 December 2014 - 11:26 PM



You're telling us it isn't, OK, so what is it then?


The OES number for it is 5249844 and the mounting bracket: 5230528.


(I'm in the windscreen business and this information was emailed to me by Pilkington).


Pilkington is right, the numbers 5249844 and 5230528 are the bracket and GPS receiver/module. In post #33 you can see that is definitely the GPS receiver/module. I certainly hope that Ford's ECAT software shows the right parts and part numbers. 


The link below shows a rain/lightsensor for a Fiesta without active city stop, as you can see it is totally different. Even the part numbers don't match.


The sensor with active city stop is small and round, but I couldn't find the right picture.


The TS could disconnect the box. When it is removed there should be a message on the radio screen that says 'NO GPS'.