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In Topic: Looking To Buy A Fiesta

27 May 2013 - 07:33 PM

Also consider a KA.  I bought one for my daughter last year - smashing (if basic) little motor - it'll do her to build up NCD.

A word about insurance from an ex-technician/workshop foreman/area transport manager (I did the full 5 years at college) - I read and hear a lot about "pah, £5grand insurance for an £800 car, rip off".  Now imagine you hit and kill a 30 year old stockbroker and his family sue you for loss of earnings for his career.  Your £800 car has now caused (35years x £150000+ per year) at least £5M worth of damage.  So they're not insuring the risk of the car being stolen, or total loss - they're insuring the risk of the damage you do to other people - and sadly a lot of youngsters are high risk.  I know, I was one, and I was. 


In Topic: Looking To Buy A Fiesta

26 May 2013 - 03:13 PM

If its any help I'm a "mature" driver (jeez, that makes me feel old) and I've just bought the 60PS Duratec 1250 on a 10 plate - mainly because it was the newest car I could get for the money available.  Being a bit of an old nutter, I thought I was going to feel my age looking at the specs.  However, while its never (ever) going to be termed a hot hatch, 0-60 is timed at an average of 13.3 seconds, top end (indicated) around 104.  So in reality its performing more like the 82PS version should on paper.
Long and short is if you go for the low(er) power option, don't tell your mates, theres not a lot of difference in performance unless you're running it down the strip (or round the local multi-storey), and the insurance will be cheaper while you build up your NCD.
Your call, but I'm quite happy with it (and I used to run a 2L Mondeo, and an overbored Kawasaki 750turbo).... 

In Topic: Interior Light- Changed Bulb Now Not Working :(

24 May 2013 - 09:29 PM

Going back [mumbles] years I'd say they were front sidelight bulbs - but given I've only just got back into Fords after an 8 years break and a classic MGB, they could be anything. Certainly look the right size, but I had an inkling Ford changed to push in rather than bayonet some years ago.
Of course, if you had a 1966 Morris Oxford they'd fit.....

In Topic: Greetings

24 May 2013 - 01:46 PM

Ha! I'm yer man for iffy pinto starter motors, camshafts (don't try to put the 2.0L higher lift cam in the 1.6 - it doesn't work that way round) and void bushes!
Oh, and VV carbs ;-)
Thanks for the greet - I'll have some questions on this Fiesta later, too....