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Live Data Help... Advice Needed Please

25 September 2014 - 10:15 PM

I have managed to hook up a scanner while using my phone and the app obd car doctor, i am looking at some live data and need some help.



Firstly its saying my Throttle position is at 12% on idle, that goes up to 15% when at 2k rpm... this is done with the car parked up, is that right, shouldnt it be at 0% percent as im not using the throttle.


My intake manifold absolute pressure is at 0.29 at idle and goes down to 0.24 at 2k rpm


Fuel level input is around 22% constant over the rev range.


Rpm at idle fluctuates between 740 and 810 roughly


Engine load at idle is between 19% and 21% fluctuates quite a bit.


Short term fuel trim is between -2.5% and 2.50% at idle


Long term fuel trim is at 2.34 contsant at idle and at 2k rpm is minus 0.77


Timing advance fluctuates between 0.0 and 4.0 at idle and around 31.0 at 2k rpm


This is all live data off my car i'm not really sure if this is all normal so hopefully someone out there knows a thing or 2 about this data.


I am slightly concerned by the tps sensor as when not pressed at all it was at 12% there was nothing impeding the pedal like a car mat, just seems wierd.


Also my car had no stored fault codes to review at all.


Any advice then guys

Air Intake Pipe Advice!!!

24 September 2014 - 08:42 PM

Hi All


i have just stumbled across something wierd with my focus over the last couple of days, its been running well for a while now, but started having problems with hesitation and rough idleing and rough acceleration again...


I now know its nothing to do with the coil pack, leads or plugs... not after ive changed them all (genuine parts from ford), it had to be something else. I have also changed the coolant temp sensor myself, this improved starting alot... never failed to turn over since changing that.


My final area i have looked at is the air intake... i know paper filters can be restrictive so i fitted a k&n 57's-4000 filter and new air box lid that came with product. It made the engine pull better and stuff with better air flow. 


But the next day the hesitation returned, so i cleaned the throttle body with some carb cleaner, it was dirty but made no difference if not worse.



So today i was thinking hard to what it could be, i was staring at my engine with it running to see if i could find anything new, i was looking at the air intake pipe from the air box to the engine, and it was vibrating quite a bit, i looked at all the connectors linking it together and it looked a bit loose. It was tight on but looked like it wasnt fitted correctly. I took it apart and re-assembled it so it was all snug and the car seems alot better since, no more rough engine since earlier.


My question is that the rubber fitting to the plastic tube, is it worth putting some grease or lube on the rubber to get a tighter seal.



if so which kind of grease do i need, or is there anything else i could do to keep a tight seal across the air pipe.

Genuine Ford Focus Coil Pack. Great Price

08 September 2014 - 04:24 PM

I popped into my local ford dealership the other day to get a quote on some parts for my focus. I mentioned by chance to quote me a price on a coil pack as mine is not a 100% genuine ford pack. It's an unbadged bosch coil pack. I still sometimes have hesitation issues.

I am using genuine ht leads and plugs so the only other thing is that fords can be funny with coil packs.

Anyway I have just picked some parts up today and the coil pack only cost me £57.99 Inc vat. Thought that was a great price for a genuine ford coil pack.

I have attached a picture of the invoice to show the price is real.

BTW it's the tc harrisons in burton on trent. They seem to have really good prices for parts even though they are a main dealer.

Cabin Filter Replaced.

03 September 2014 - 05:06 PM

Today I change the cabin filter on my 2010 mk2.5 focus. And it was a nightmare.

Why on earth did ford think a serviceable item like a cabin filter needs to be right in the guts of the car behind the centre dashboard.

Had to remove half if the car to get to it via the passenger footwear.

Also I will assume it's never been replaced on my 4 year old car before as it was thick black and disgusting.

I'm. Thinking it was worth while changing as I couldn't see how any air could even pass through the filter.

I have attached a photo to show how bad it is. Can't believe how dirty it was.

Replaced it with a bosch filter for 12 quid from eurocarparts.

Starting Issue... Unusual!

31 July 2014 - 11:00 PM



I am having a issue with my focus and when it starts sometimes when cold


Most times my car starts first time but i will say 2 in 10 times i turn the engine over it struggles to start and i have to press the accelerator to fire it up.



My car had a new yuasa battery recently as the old battery did the same thing when starting sometimes.


Its like it can't fire up by itself, and odd times when i start the car, it starts straight to idle line around 750rpm, if i can explain this better... right when a car normally starts it revs up to around 1500rpm and then drops down to the idle level, but mine doesn't always do that, it turns over and doesn't rev, i also notice i have to rev the car a bit to get the car normal again. as the accelerator pedal doesn't feel responsive and after a few revs its feels normal again.


I have cleaned the throttle body and its made a slight difference but nothing significant. The car is well maintained so has new air filter, fresh oil and filter. Iridium plugs.


Could it be something to do with the accelerator pedal or something along those lines, also when it struggles to start i get quite a strong smell of petrol, could it be over fuelling.


Or could it be related to the coil and stuff. even though i have changed all that already 


Anyone got any ideas.