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Dealer Not Happy After Independent Healthcheck

13 November 2015 - 06:46 PM

I've owned my new car for just over two weeks.


In that time, its been back to Perrys Ford Alfreton as somehow they failed to spot that the electric window switch on the drivers side wasnt working at all.


Now ive also had to have 2 new tyres fitted to the car as mentioned in another post as the budgets were awful, they were not able to help me with that as they said the tyres were road legal.



When the new tyres were fitted, my local garage, formula one autocentres who knew ive only just purchased the car told me that the rear disks and pads were in need of changing. Disks were 9.6mm and they said they should be a minimum 11mm and the pads were very low and would need changing very soon.


I did question this as ive only had the car for exactly 2 weeks and its had a full mot and service by Perrys Ford prior to purchasing. I find this quite annoying if they've passed the car off as ok when from my experience of Ford dealers they always look for extra work and any health checks they do, they normally find allsorts to change at a hefty price. So how did they miss the rear disks and pads.


Anyway i rang up and spoke to the service guys who didnt seem very happy that i have questioned an issue that they said was comprehensively checked prior to being given to me.


They have only agreed to look at the car on tuesday and not committed to doing any work until a ford tech guy has looked over it properly.


hopefully they will change the parts that should have been done already.


My understanding is that if they pass it on as ok, most people dont get these things checked out until a year later, on a service and mot, then the owner then has to fork out the extra cash. Think its unfair

Best Wax And Polish For White Focus.

11 November 2015 - 12:50 AM

As the title says, which is the best wax and polish to get my focus looking mint.


It does need a proper clay and pre prep before applying wax but what should i use.


I normally go for autoglym Super resin polish and HD wax


And for top ups i use aqua wax and rapid detailer.


Anyone use other item on there white car with brilliant results.



Advice Needed.....

11 November 2015 - 12:30 AM

Hi everyone,


i am having a great time with my new focus with the powerfull ecoboost engine.


I have a couple of questions that i need answering.


First when the car is at idle either warm engine or cold, it does seem to stumble a little bit, the rev counter doesnt fluctuate but i can feel the car jolt a little bit, is this normal with the newer direct injection engines or should i be looking at something to cure this.


Secondly i'm not sure if this is normal but the clutch bite does seem very high to me, could be normal as ive just come from a honda civic with a mid biting point, but the focus does seen very high to me, is there anywhere i can take this that can do free checks on the clutch, as ive got a warranty with the ford dealer and unless i can prove the clutch is bad they wont wanna know.



My car is a 1.6 petrol ecoboost 180bhp on a 12 plate with 38,000 on the clock.



No Rear End Grip On Tyres In The Wet. Dangerous!

03 November 2015 - 11:56 PM

Had a couple of moments in my new focus, one being tonight driving round a tight roundabout.

Only doing about 25mph and the back end properly stepped out. this also happened the other day in the same wet damp conditions. 


Not driving erratic or aggressive as i had family members in the car.


I have noticed that i have new tyres fitted to the rear... they are autogrips and im guessing there the problem, probably cheap nasty budgets. Front end has uniroyals fitted and they seem grippy but my lack of control and grip seems to be from these rear tyres.


So anyone got and recomendations for new decent tyres that are grippy but fuel efficient.


Also because ive only owned the car for a week and tbh if these cheap nasty budgets arent safe because the car is quite powerfull, are they obliged to help or cover some of the cost of some new tyres. Im concerned that im going to have an accident. 

Focus Windscreen Wiper Issue.

03 November 2015 - 06:31 PM

I have a question about my drivers side front windscreen wiper. When the wipers are in an off position they sit flush against the bottom of the windscreen which is normal.

But when they are on the drivers side doesn't go all the way down and sits about 2 inches higher and bounces a bit. The passenger one still sits as normal in the correct position. It doesn't seem right to me but the garage I brought the car from, ford dealer assured me that it is normal and sits higher when the wipers are active.

It does seem to bounce and wobble slightly when using but I was told this is normal.

Can anyone confirm is there focus does this. Mine is a mk3 focus. I'm guessing the spec has little significance in the use of the wipers.

Any help appreciated