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Diagnostic Test Returns Error?

25 May 2013 - 08:55 AM



The problem I have isn't with my car but my daughters. She drives a 52 plate Ka and the other day the engine light came on.  She managed to get it to mine and it is now with a garage just along from where I live.


Anyway, when the garage ran a diagnostic test it basically failed i.e. just returned an 'error' message as if it was reading nothing. The garage got hold of another testing kit from another garage in town, plugged it in and it also returned no data.


It left the garage scratching its head and they are basically doing a step by step manual check of the engine and anything else that could be causing the problem.


Why would the test fail? does this mean the ECU is screwed? I am no car mechanic but this seems an obvious area of concern - not even the garage could work out why this was happening.


Hope you can help.