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In Topic: Hassen's Ford Focus 1.6 Tdci Build Thread

25 August 2014 - 09:00 PM

Ok - i agree with most of that - for most people class D fine and has efficiency advantages when running in a car enviroment, but look at the spec/ quality of the focals - i think that car owners wantling to turn their cars into a high fidelity/ quality enviroment would benifit from the (even slight) quality edge that a class AB amp has over a classD - in my experience a classD amp can get a bit harsh/ gritty at the top end when driven hard at high volume levels, and many musicians, sound engineers, hi-fi enthusiasts etc would hear the difference, i realize manufacturers' are continuing to develop classD designs to bridge the gap to class AB - but for me, class AB has the edge in quality


The difference may be small, and the difference between different speakers (sound quality wise) is probably bigger but with class AB amps available for less than a classD, its a no-brainer (for front speakers at these power levels) for subs or very high power (eg competition) systems,(power/ efficiency over quality) classD may be the way to go


- people debate class D vs class AB -  




You have good arguments - I do not disagree. 


Thinking only money and SQ - Class AB would be preferable.


But in a car with stock electrical system - Class AB delivering 40% of its power consumption in to the heatsink. Voltage drop could compromise sound quality. For me this is a bigger concern - than the difference in SQ between Class AB and Class D. I can not hear the difference - not at home - and probably not in the car. 


But maybe, as you wrote - using Class D for sub and Class AB for the front set - is the best choice - a good comprimise of cost, voltage drop and SQ? 

In Topic: Hassen's Ford Focus 1.6 Tdci Build Thread

25 August 2014 - 06:22 PM

The infinity amp is overpriced at £350, and the total harmonic distortion at the rated output is 1% thats (bad) brobably due to the cass D output stage - translation = its crap


The much cheaper BOSS amps are 0.01% total harmonic distortion at the rated output (exellent quality) - i looked at scores of amps to find an affordable one (or range of amps) with i very high spec (including superior class AB output stages ) at an affordable pric- this amp/ range of amps blows many much more expensive amps away (in terms of quality)   


Im not looking at brand names but at technical specs


You could get 2 boss amps, and this active boss x-over -






for less than 1 overpriced (and inferior) amp   - and that would mean you have more left over for another set of focals -


so you could have the seperate active x-over (with fine control of the system) + 2 four chanel amps so the front and rears would be active, 8x (an amp for each woofer + tweeter!) 150w = 1200w so awesome power, headroom and clarity - and a fraction of the price of an equivelant system


PS - yes your sub x-over frequency is low, try 100 to 200hz, see how it sounds, you may need to turn the bass down   


I beleive THD less than 1% on the Kappa 4 - means 0,05% :




As for the Class AB vs Class D, at home in a very good listening environment - maybe you are right. Class A - for sure. Still - I own a Pioneer home cinema receiver, with class D - and I beleive it collected top results in every review I have read. And I like it too :)


In a car - with lot of roadnoise etc - and perhaps playing mp3's - spotify - I do not believe it would be an hearable improvement using class AB over class D. 

In Topic: Guide To Complete Stereo Installation Focus Mk2

22 August 2014 - 07:16 PM

That's good to hear. There's a deal on Ebay for £230 including shipping, which isn't bad considering. How many watts rms does the Kappa speakers need?


Looks like a good deal on the Kappa :)


The Kappa Perfect 6.1 are rated at 100W nom. and 400W max. power handling, with a sensitivity of 90 dB. 

In Topic: Guide To Complete Stereo Installation Focus Mk2

22 August 2014 - 12:59 PM

No issues, cheap (£270 in Norway), delivers great power without getting hot, small and easy to install, looks great. Sounds great with my Infinity Kappa component speakers.


I mainly choose the Kappa amplifiers, because I use Kappa speakers in the car (and the specs) - and I have been very pleased with the choise. But I would surely been happy with another brand too.


good luck on your amplifier hunt :)

In Topic: Hassen's Ford Focus 1.6 Tdci Build Thread

22 August 2014 - 12:46 PM

Hi , Hassen, your setup looks great. Great Work I agree with FOCA's advices. But I think class D are totally ok in the listening envirement of a car. Think voltage drop are a bigger concern - class D delivers more power, using less current.


Choosing SQ - active crossovers with time-alignment sure will improve.


The prefab sub looks great. Love the pictures - fun to watch your progress.