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My Focus Titanium Build - Tom

21 December 2013 - 09:36 PM

Hi all, welcome to my build. Bit of a late start considering i bought the car back in may but here goes nothing. 


Can't say that i have done anything major to the car, just a few small touches that make it a little bit different to other Focus's in my area. Things i have done are as follows,


  • Replaced stock Dipped beam bulbs to Osram H7 night breakers
  • Replaced front sidelights to Osram cool blue intense W5W 
  • Replaced front and rear indicator bulbs to Philips silver vision PY21W
  • Replaced Stock air filter with a K&N (E-2993) 
  • Replaced Stock locking wheel nuts that always rust with McGard ones 
  • Painted Front brake callipers and rear brake drums with Red Engine Paint (you basically need something that can take heat) 
  • Replaced front Dull looking footwell lights with Blue Led W5W bulbs
  • Bought a rubber smart key cover (stops it getting scratched)

Here's the links online


K&N Air filter -
Ford smart key cover - 
McGard Locking wheel nuts - 
Osram W5W side lights - 
Philips silver indicator bulbs - 

Foot well lights






Side lights

Attached File  IMG_2223.jpg   121.13KB   49 downloads


Footwell lights

Attached File  IMG_2224.JPG   79.4KB   46 downloads

Attached File  IMG_2225.JPG   94.28KB   46 downloads


Indicator Bulbs (notice that cruddy orange tint is gone)

Attached File  IMG_2226.JPG   99.04KB   44 downloads


Boot lights (W5W 501)

Attached File  IMG_2228 2.JPG   99.93KB   33 downloads


Mcgard Locking wheel nut

Attached File  IMG_2234.JPG   99.6KB   38 downloads

Attached File  IMG_2222.jpg   244.3KB   39 downloads


K&N Air filter

Attached File  IMG_2221.jpg   235.24KB   39 downloads



Spoiler Upgrade

16 December 2013 - 05:25 PM

Hey all,


Been thinking lately if its worth doing a small mod to my Mk3 titanium focus. I really like the look of the Zetec S focus spoiler and was thinking should i or shouldn't i? 


Just wanted to know what everyones views on it are, do you think its worth it ? Will it suit it ? or is there no point unless the whole body kit is changed? 


This may well also void the warranty so may not be something i'll do until 2015 however it can't hurt to plan out a few things and get some ideas from other ford fans. 


I should also mention id have no idea how to fit it myself so labour costs would come into it. plus spraying it panther black. 


so yeah...what are your thoughts ?





Locking Wheel Nut

09 June 2013 - 05:57 PM

Hi all,


just after some advice regarding my locking wheel nut. as all of you will know, they rust. in terms of stopping it rust i know i can just apply some rust treatment.


what i'm after is a more long term permanent solution. i would like a new locking wheel nut to either match the colour of the other ones or the alloys which obviously means, painted wheel nut = no rust.


also i dont mind having to get new ones, but i wouldnt have a clue which ones are for my car. 


anyone have any ideas ? 


thanks in advance 

Newbie To Ford

28 May 2013 - 05:25 PM

Hey all,


New guy here on F.O.C. and very much please to see all the ford fans that are out there. Anyway my names Tom and i'm a proud owner of a 2012 focus titanium 1.6TDCI that i bought 3 weeks ago and i absolutely love it. hopefully you should be able to see picture i attached if ive done it right. not the most glamorous pic but hey. 


so yea, looking forward to get chatting and discussing the world of ford with everyone as this is my very first ford and looks like its not going to be my last either.