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Car Jerks(Jumps/misfire) After Service.

29 May 2013 - 09:55 AM

Hi All

I am new to this forum and not sure how to present my problem. but i will give it a try -

I have a 2004 ford mondeo petrol 1.8 - 66k miles on the clock. It was
all good before I got my car serviced. Infact it was ok for few days
after the service hence I am not 100% sure the servicing made any

When I accelerate my car will give me small jerks(jumps / misfires). As
soon as I increase the rev the problem starts and this happens a lot
when I am in low gears splly 2nd and 3rd.

I got my car serviced 2 weeks ago and spark plugs were changed and HT Leads were NOT changed.

I am not sure what is happening now, is it due to Ht leads ? or is one
of the new spark plug isnt good or was there any fault in servicing.

I went back to mechanic and he said he can try changing ht leads and coil but he didnt sound too convincing.

Dont know what to do.

Any help will be appreciated.