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#266992 Alloy Wheels!

Posted by Leonjpenwill on 11 June 2013 - 09:29 AM

No problem!


I know, its a bargain, but - if you look at my post - I have a small issue with my car at the moment and really need to get that sorted before I get them dipped :)

Would be well worth doing though!


I have to say the White alloys on a white fiesta does look very sexy! There is a white zetec s near me with those white alloys and 2 blue striped down the middle! Looks very nice!


Do you mean in terms of insurance?


As far as I know, changing from steels to alloys does make a difference on your insurance - but not as much as you might think usually because they are safer - but do add value!


Alloys look much nicer though!