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Looking To Buy Economical Fiesta - Advice Please :)

02 June 2013 - 11:28 PM

since owning my new car of 3 months Im really unhappy with the fuel economy (own a vaux insignia 2.0cdti 160bhp, quick but thirsty)



anyways enough of current car..


Ive seen they do a 1.6 cdti fiesta econetic 90bhp and 95bhp.... 90 being slightly slower + less mpg 


I know there not fast cars but want to know which would suit me best. i do mainly short journeys which consist of A roads and town driving, not many long journeys.....


and also what spec is the following under when buying a car:


wanting it to include: 


cruise control (if poss)

AUX + MP3 

auto lights + wipers

folding wing mirrors



not sure what other spec comes in these, anyone shed more light on specs etc??