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Tapatalk Yes Or No?

08 October 2013 - 01:28 PM

Searched for it but couldn't find the answer anywhere on the forum. Also searched in Tapatalk for the forum but couldn't find it no matter how i searched (fordownersclub, ford owners club, foc, etc).


So maybe i'm not looking at the right place but is FOC available on Tapatalk or are there any plans to make it available on Tapatalk?


Would be great if it was.


Saying i couldn't find anything on the forum that answered that question, what i did find was this post, it's not about the post it self but more about the signature underneath the post, this would imply that we can access the forum via Tapatalk:


Eibachs Under Ford Fusion, Experiences?

07 October 2013 - 09:21 AM

Can get a relatively cheap set of new Eibachs for my car. But i'm not sure wether to do it or not.


Not only because of how it would look but also because of the road handling and more specific, how much uncomfortable will the ride be?


Any one with a Fusion who can give me an answer to this question?

Ford Fusion 1.4Tdci Ecu In-Outputs Explained

09 September 2013 - 12:02 PM

Think this pdf is perfect for the Technical Knowledge & Ford Guides but can't start a new topic there.

So if one of the mods thinks the same, they have the right permissions ;)


(I translated it from spanish (Google translate), corrected it a bit and that's it. It's for the version with the vacuum EGR, sadly doesn't describe the electronic EGR version. Also strange that the MAP isn't mentioned)

1.4 Tdci Diesel Preheater?

28 July 2013 - 09:59 AM

Searched everywhere (ETIS, etc) but can't find it. Does anybody know when the electric diesel preheater, located in the fuelfilter, of a 1.4 TDCI kicks in and shuts off? And does it have a sensor in the element or does it get it's temp reading from the seperate fuel temp sensor on the other side of the engine?

Fuelfilter (B is the heater):

Attached File  FP5749-0.jpg   10.74KB   16 downloads

Attached File  Fuel_Filter_large_2.jpg   4.24KB   18 downloads

Heater element itself:

Attached File  d33350(Large).png   569.58KB   16 downloads


I'm just curious because it's just such a small electric heater, it can't be heating it very much.


I did find info on an older model electric preheater, from a Peugeot (but the 1.4 TDCI is essentually a Peugeot/Citroen engine, PSA group) and that  heats the diesel barely.

Attached File  2858.jpg   41.89KB   14 downloads

It activates at -2 (+/- 2 degrees), it shuts off at +3 (+/- 2 degrees). All temps in Celsius. And that's a 150 W heater, don't know how the inside of the old heater looks but i guess the heating element is bigger then the thiny one in the fuelfilter.


So if anybody knows, or knows where to find that info, i would be very gratefull ;) .

Spot The Differences, What Are These Things?

05 July 2013 - 01:19 PM

If you look at the pics in the red circles, both from 1.4 TDCI engines.

What is the probe in the hose for? (temp sensor?)

And what is the extra stuff left of the square block a bit further in the inlet?


I see some 1.4 TDCI's have it but some don't. Searched the internet but can't find what the 2 extra things are.


So if anybody knows please share it cause i'm very curious about it. I also have the extra thingies so it would be nice to know what they're for.