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In Topic: Rear Fog Lamp Not Working

05 April 2014 - 01:27 PM

Just had a look at this again. Turns out it was slight corrosion on the wiring connector, that the bulb holder connects onto. 


Quick clean and spray with WD40 type fluid, and the lamp is now working.





....Just as all the Bl**dy fog has cleared up here!  :P

In Topic: 2009 1.8Tdci - Intermittant Stuttering

16 March 2014 - 12:20 PM

My economy wasn't great... dropping to about 35mpg (according to the trip computer) around the doors. Went for a run to York before christmas and averaged about 55mpg for that run, again which wasn't as high as I'd hoped.


Daily commute is about 19 miles each way on A1/A19, and it did improve on those roads.


However, since changing the fuel filter, my average does seem to have improved slightly, and the car is now working out at 48mpg - that is on the trip computer and by rough calculation of miles/fuel used.


Still trying to adjust my driving too to try and improve it more. I can have a heavy right foot, at times.

In Topic: 2009 1.8Tdci - Intermittant Stuttering

14 March 2014 - 11:03 PM

I'm guilty of that too.....:$


Me too - I have tended to refuel when the light comes on (50 miles left), and letting it run quite a way below that is what triggered my problems before christmas.


However, mine is now running fine again now with a new filter, and if possible, I'm gonna refuel before the light comes on, as long as its not costing me more to run by doing it.


Currently costs me about £35/week average on fuel, with the monthly mileage I do.

In Topic: 2009 1.8Tdci - Intermittant Stuttering

01 March 2014 - 08:57 PM

My car is all sorted now after the filter change - power is there on the pedal again.


When I had the issue, it would 'stutter' as you accelerated, usually giving a bit more as you joined a motorway or such like.


As you accelerated, as it started to stutter, if you eased off, then started to apply the gas more gently, it was fine, and you could ride through the gears, and up the speed to 60-70 and it was fine.


However, last week or so, it was getting worse. I still have the filter that was removed - it is very black, and slightly deformed, which is due to it being blocked, and trying harder to suck the fuel through it, apparently.

In Topic: 2009 1.8Tdci - Intermittant Stuttering

28 February 2014 - 04:55 PM

Cheers for the replies everyone.


Bought a fuel filter a week or so ago, and had it fitted today. My dad did it for me, with help from a garage next to where he works, and he says it took 10 minutes to change the filter, then about 30 minutes before the car would start again!


Says the filter he took out was black, but happily the car is now running as it was prior to the problems. The stuttering had been getting worse the last few days, so glad its sorted now.


Lesson learned... try not to run it too far after the fuel light comes on, to avoid dredging stuff from the bottom of the tank.


MJ  :)