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Rear Fog Lamp Not Working

30 March 2014 - 03:21 PM

After a few foggy mornings, and having to use my fog lamps, have realised that my rear fog lamp isn't working. Fronts work fine, but not the rears.


Have changed the bulb, and its not that, infact have tried 3 different new bulbs, and none of them worked. Just tried a tester, and there seems to be no power to the bulb holder either.


Had a look in the fuse box in the engine bay and couldn't see the fuses for the lights (any of them) on the diagram.


So first question, is the rear fog lamp on the same circuit and/or fuse as the front fogs (or any other lights)? All other lights (Head/side lights, front fogs, tail/brake lights and reverse lamp) are working. 


Secondly, could this point to the light switch itself? The rear fog light on the dashboard illuminates when you switch it on, which maybe suggests that the switch is ok?


Beyond that, I'm hoping its not a wiring problem.


Car is due an MOT in june, so have time to sort it, and obviously want it done before then.


Cheers for any info/advice.

2009 1.8Tdci - Intermittant Stuttering

10 January 2014 - 12:51 PM

Had my Focus for little over 6 months now, and up to christmas it has been faultless.


However, just before the christmas break, it has started intermittantly stuttering whilst driving. It doesn't happen at low speeds, or once at high speed, but seems to be if you 'give it the beans' and accelerate quickly.... but again.. not all the time.


The ting that seemed to start it off, I let it run quite low of fuel (roughly 20 mile range left), then I parked it on a nose up incline.


Then, I refuelled and it was after this that it began stuttering when accelerating.


I did think maybe I'd pulled some cr*p up off the bottom of the tank by letting it get low, and the incline of the hill. I have since refuelled a couple of times and it still happens... again, not all the time, but enough to begin concerning me.


First option was to change the fuel filter, and hope it is just dirt/debris in the fuel line.


But could this point to anything else?


Other than this issue, the car runs fine - though a little thirstier since the cold weather started.


Cheers for any replies/advice offered.





2009 Focus Titanium - 'standard' Spec?

15 June 2013 - 02:11 PM

The car I recently bought is a 2009 Focus Titanium, 1.8TDCi in Moondust Silver.


It doesn't have the standard alloys on, but has the 18" optional alloys.


However, having looked at the brochure for that model, and seeing a few others around, it appears that mine may not have a couple of things that I thought would be 'standard'.


It has the full electric windows, auto headlights and Rainsensing wipers - all standard. It has basic A/C, not climate, but has cruise control fitted. It also has the Sat Nav in lieu of the Sony audio.


However, it doesn't have the rear privacy glass, or the chrome trim surround to the lower front grille, both of which are listed as standard in the brochure.


Anyone know if these were supposed to be standard, and why mine would be missing?