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How Do I Stick My Interior Mirror Back On.

06 December 2014 - 08:22 PM

My interior mirror keeps falling off....I have been using those small sticky pads sold for the job...cleaned/degreased both surfacxes but still they stay stuck for around 2 weeks then fall off,


Is there a better way.



Ka 2004 Exhaust Flexi Replacement.

29 November 2014 - 07:05 PM

Hi...my daughters 2004 KA hatch duratec engine is due an MOT soon...had
it up on the ramps today to find where the exhaust is blowing....turns
out to be the flexi near the CAT,

I see on ebay you can buy the replacement flexi section...looks like you need to cut the old one off,

My question...there are 2 types...one with a flange and a clamp to meet up
with the original flange and one with 2 clamps and no flange,

I am guessing the the type with no flange is in case the old flange is
corroded....am I right or is the more to there being 2 types.


Usb Obd11 Elm327 Fault Code Reader Any Good.

16 July 2014 - 02:08 PM

Hi guys....I bought a USB OBD11 fault code reader off ebay...after a lot of faffing
about to get it to connect to the laptop...I have got it up and running


Using Scantool.net software it came with...only able to use the first 2 pages of info unless I pay for the full prog,

I'm new to using these devices...only got it to clear a fault light on
my daughters KA after the coil pack failed which it did without problem,

So out of curiosity...just what can I do with it...I dont understand
most of the data it displays interesting as it is me being from a by
gone age....my old landrover is steam driven...but nice to know just what I can do with it,

Is there any other free software available that may give more info that the scantool stuff I have.