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In Topic: Focus C1281 Lateral Accelerometer Circuit Failure

18 July 2013 - 11:30 AM

I got my replacement Yaw Rate sensor from the scrap yard but the  8M51-3C187-BA does not fit, the plug is different. I sent it back and hopefully they can find a 3M51-3C187-EA for me.

In Topic: Focus C1281 Lateral Accelerometer Circuit Failure

05 July 2013 - 07:53 AM

I started another thread but it was on a South African focus site. Not an Australian site.


I called a local scrap yard and they have a Focus ST 225 2008 same year as mine. Funny enough the model of yaw rate sensor is   8M51-3C187-BA which was the one that was in a Focus RS in the Uk on eBay.

My focus ST225 has 3M51-3C187-EA.

So I purchased that for $90AUD and I am waiting on the yaw rate sensor to arrive. I will give it a go.

It is going to be posted as they are located in another State. I couldn't find any locally that I could remove myself.

They are going to offer a 90 day warranty if there is any issues. I just purchased electrical cleaner spray, so I will attack the 47 PIN connector when I do the YWS.


My other question is did you clear the built up C1281 error with your OBDII port reader? I use torque with a bluetooth OBDII port reader to clear errors. I hope this will work? I do not have any luck clearing with ELMconfig 0.2.6. I will just use ELMconfig to do the Yaw rate sensor calibration.


SkinnyB, one more question. Does the traction light come up for you while driving? Not just when first starting the car?

In Topic: Focus C1281 Lateral Accelerometer Circuit Failure

30 June 2013 - 10:31 AM

Right guys i've managed to clear the ESP light on my car and the cleared the DTC and touch wood it hasn't come back yet, and this is what i done. first of all i checked and cleaned the 47pin connector for the brake control module (as it was the easiest :P ) no luck. tried to recalibrate the sensors no luck either was getting an error code on my ELM.

So went to the scrap yard REMOVED MYSELF the yaw sensor form a 2008 titanium, easy enough as the seats where already taken  out. 

Took my drivers seat out and a few trim bits, pulled the carpet out and replaced the bugger! Turned on the ignition on the light came back on then turned straight off as if the car was doing the checks and all was ok. Tried to recalibrate the sensors again and still same error on my ELM so i just left it like that.

Changed the sensor on Tuesday and like i said neither the code C1281 nor the ESP light have come on.

Yes you are very right about trying everything but nothing works.. :) I am going to go to the scrap yard I think. In my country which such an expensive parts car they will likely not allow you into the scrap yard. I will try my luck though! If not I will take their word and get a warranty that it is not a faulty yaw rate sensor.


Sorry a little confused with what you've written... you said you changed it over and still had the same error on ELM (c1281) 


Then you changed the sensor on Tuesday and have not seen C1281 or ESP light?

Just to confirm did you change it and still have the error and then it just went away...?

Was the 2008 titanium the same model yaw rate sensor? I know the ST and RS have different ones?


I am touching wood for you - how long has it been? you know you have to boot it a little to get the c1281 light - normally by driving it a little hard!

Also what did you use to clean the 47 pin connector?  I have maf sensor cleaning spray? Would that work? Also can I access and remove the 47 pin without removing battery etc.

In Topic: Focus C1281 Lateral Accelerometer Circuit Failure

26 June 2013 - 04:17 PM

i'm with you on the DTC pointing more to the wiring. 

Ok so now i'm a bit nervous :blink:  :o  about getting the ABS pump but i'm always up for breaking stuff that i probably wont be able to fix again lol

in your opinion mate, how hard is it a job to remove and replace the ABS pump? out of 10?

never like buying parts from the shelf usually prefer taking it off myself especially if its anything electrical .

i might try all other avenues for now and leave the ABS Pump for when all else fails as i do not have access to a Ford IDS system.

Now you have mentioned the 47-pin connector to the brake control module im starting to suspect that had a quick look at it today but i will have a proper look at it tomorrow before i got to the scappies.

Cheers for all the info it good to hear that someone has tried this before, hopefully i wont run into any problems if i do i will be in touch  :D

Mate I suspect ABS pump would be a hard job it links to the brake line

In Topic: Focus C1281 Lateral Accelerometer Circuit Failure

26 June 2013 - 04:14 PM

I am so glad I found this post. I have the same problem c1281 - we must be one of the only people on earth to have this! There is not much advice anywhere!


Rest assured I have been dealing with this code for 18months now, with no solution thus far but I am closer to it.

I have tried to reset my brake module with ELM even reset yaw rate sensor etc with NO luck.


I also removed the drivers seat, and checked and cleaned the yaw rate sensor wires. They all appeared to be ok.


I don't know how to access the Brake control module or it's location which I guess is in the engine bay?

Anyway I have cleaned sensors on wheels and reset batteries also. I even changed the front wheel bearings and hubs. Did not fix it.


I am about to purchased a "used" yaw rate sensor from a scrap yard, It has 35K on the clock this car. My car was 78K.


But before I do , I wanted to check the wires in the BCM. SkinnyB please feel free to contact me via private message. We can work this out together! :)