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In Topic: Front Right Rattle 2004 1.6 Focus

17 April 2014 - 12:29 AM

here are a few suggestions bottom ball joint/wishbone main culprit / this would be more of a knocking thou. top strut mount, rear engine mount.  have a check of your spring too I have replace 2 on mine normally snap near the bottom cup end stop. a rattle could be exhaust heat shield loose.  best of luck

In Topic: Ford Focus Mk1 Common Problems Thread

16 February 2014 - 01:28 PM

Iv had a Mk1 1.8 Zetec petrol from new the faults iv had have been varied but nothing costing the earth .
1) Exhaust system a pain and most money spent. every part of it except Cat

2) Central Locking a real nightmare if it starts playing up .

3)Brake flexi pipes front and main brake lines

4) HANDBRAKE always been a pain cables stretch over time also snap and rear drum/s stick/ seize / squeal.

5)Ball joints/wishbones

6)Drop Links on rear and front

7) Springs snapping also not sitting in cup correctly at end point.

8) PCV system hoses collapse or split.and valve itself sticks open/shut

9) Battery's chews them up and spits them out

10) Rear crankseal leaks due to PCV valve adding pressure to crankcase.


12) Clutch pedal position sensor top of pedal box. Cheap as chips.


If I think of more will post . 


In Topic: Wet Spark Plugs

29 January 2014 - 04:23 PM

try looking up core plug,  im no mechanic but I had the same problem but not coolant and the threads I read all mentioned core plugs if not rainwater,  mine was brown water as rust coloured it still don't know how water is getting in. Watch that your spark plugs don't seize as I had major problems getting them out due to rust.

In Topic: Ford Focus Mk1 5Th And Reverse Gear Prob

27 June 2013 - 02:55 AM

sounds like syncro mesh gone 5th and R share the same one im sure defo a sncro though .

In Topic: Focus Front Suspension, Broken Coil

27 June 2013 - 02:47 AM

did you get it fixed yet? if not i would just do the one side iv had 2 go on my focus Zetec and both the left on the front never replaced driver side springs both times and there is No difference in handling does Arthur work for ford on commission. Once you get it done keep an eye on the spring placement as before mine broke it was not seating in the bottom cup correctly and had to be reseated on mine it was roughly the same point it broke, thank our lucky stars it stayed inplace and never punched a whole somewhere.