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Engine Coolant In Spark Plugs - Have 2 Different Opinions As To What Is Wrong

15 June 2013 - 02:50 PM

Hiya!  I've just had a second opinion on my car and am completely confused now.  A bit of back story...


Car started juddering and losing acceleration a few weeks ago.  Called the RAC, who diagnosed water in the spark plugs.  It was brown and yucky, with a few pebbles.  He recommended new spark plugs and HT leads, which I had done by my usual mobile mechanic.


A week later it started juddering again. Again called the RAC, who discovered pink liquid in with the spark plugs this time, identified as engine coolant with his Hydrometer.  My usual mobile mechanic came out and identified it as a cracked head.  He quoted £1000 for the work to be done and would get back to me when he could source second-hand parts.


Today I had a second opinion done by another mechanic.  He discovered that the first mechanic had snapped 3 bolts off on the head.  His opinion is that it's a core plug problem, as I drove it for a week before having any other problems.  He's also said that I need an engineer to drill out the bolts, but it probably won't work and I'll need a new head now regardless.


I went back to my usual mechanic with this.  He's agreed that the bolts did snap off but that they can be drilled out.  He stands by his diagnosis of a cracked head.


Now this is what I'm confused by.  Two separate diagnoses for 1 problem.  And a disagreement over how it can be done, as my second mechanic said he couldn't diagnose a cracked head without completing a compression test and a cylinder test (which he can't do now with the rocker cover off).


I'm hoping someone with more knowledge of engines could shed some light on this for me please?