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In Topic: Chipex

Yesterday, 07:42 PM

let me know what it's like if you try it Hahaa, otherwise il get a ford one, only got one but it'll bug me and I'm sure il get another soon enough.

In Topic: Chipex

Yesterday, 06:52 PM

Just seen it in a post myself and might give it a try, got a stone chip on my lower front spoiler :(

In Topic: Replacing The Volume Up & Down Steering Wheel Buttons.

Yesterday, 06:50 PM

If it's the buttons at fault it'll take 5 minutes, three torx screws to remove steering wheel "v" trim and buttons, then unplug and fit new unit. Build back up and that's it :).

In Topic: Argh! My St Leaking Oil :(

Yesterday, 06:12 PM

Hard to tell from the photo, but I'd definitely just pop it in to be checked and cleaned, incase it's leaking.

Let us know the outcome :)

In Topic: Bf4 Xbone

Yesterday, 05:45 PM

Played it once and thought it was the worst glitchiest game ever created. Then lost my campaign save data and sold it immediately.

Back on cod which is also rubbish until halo comes out November now.