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#531166 Dual Pass Vs Single Pass Intercooler?

Posted by Imbalance on 12 October 2015 - 08:04 PM

The air comes in from top and bottom grill mate it is getting air flow just seems like it's not but it definitely is as it's a open area


It does but the bottom airflow to the front mounted intercooler is nonexsistant, but the water cooling radiator is getting some air from there too.. As i wrote there are pro and cons to lift the intercooler, and its either to sacrifice some watercooling airflow, and you would need to make some other pipes if one chooses to use the Airtec intercooler kit..


The airtemp was measured and about 20C lower then the usual Fiesta suspects with the original inboard intercooler, the open filter arrangement would not make much of a difference, and one should know that the original filter box is arranged so the MAF gets the correct readings and making a map for a boyracer cone filter needs a lot more adjustments then i can afford..


My hp readings dropped from 108 to 106hp with the cone filter on, and a lot of uneven power without a new map, just be aware of this if you're thinking of buying a kit designed like the AS, and i would we weary about the R-Sport also and the like, and you need the correct mapping that includes these changes..