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Wide 8-8,5X16" Wheels On My New Fiesta

18 June 2013 - 02:24 AM



Im awaiting a new Fiesta EcoB 100hp next week, and i want to get wide wheels on it and some quality suspension later on...


I have no clue to what problems i could get myself into, as i would like to get wide alloys on it, and as im a former vw guy, and i know which parts to get for this brand, but im quite lost when it comes to ford!


The MK7 and the Facelift should be simular so how wide can u go, 7,5X16" i guess would work but id like to stress some 195/45 a bit more if possible...


As of not i've only found some Ronal 7,5X16 but there must be other options of a wider wheels..


Im not into 17" or higher..


Any help?