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Rattling From The Rear! / First Mods?

20 June 2013 - 05:32 PM

Hi Everyone,


I wonder if anyone has had this same problem and could shed any light on it!?


I bought a 2005 Focus 2.0 tdci 6spd Titanium at the weekend and discovered a horrible rattling noise coming from the offside rear wheel area whenever I go over any uneven surface. Thing is, the noise stops when I brake so I put the handbrake on 2 clicks and can drive with no noise at all. Obviously this is not ideal as a fix, so was wondering if anyone had any idea at all of what it could be? I have looked around the area that its coming from and cannot see anything that is loose or has play.


Any help would be much appreciated.


Also... I am looking to start modding the new Focii once I've built some funds back up from the purchase. What are the best things to start with on a pre-F/L model? I am planning to get a bluefin or remap (not decided yet) and probably a DPF delete, although had a new filter at 80K but has now done 105K; should I still remove to save future hassle? 


What you guys reckon?