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#482039 Ford Dealer Let Me Down.

Posted by Minke on 03 May 2015 - 11:12 AM

I purchased my 11 reg focus zetec almost 2 years ago and had not a peep of trouble out of it whilst in my hands. Twice it has been left in the hands of Ford for a full service and MOT. Both times it has come out in worse condition or with faults that i'm not happy with. Its passed its first MOT easily last year (only new wiper blades needed) when I got it back the temp gauge read -40 and was told "its ok, just run it a while. It'll be fine" I took them at their word and fair enough after a couple of miles it started reading correctly. On the way home, the start/stop wouldn't work and it hasn't since.

This year they managed to lose my locking wheel nut and tried to say I'd lost it. I mentioned the stop/start and no attempt was made to fix it. They locked the keys in my car and had to be driven home for the spare key. It was mentioned the car smelt of damp (it didn't) and there was a short causing an electrical fault. When I got it back the dome light was stuck on. NONE of these issues were present when I left it with them. The car was with them from 10:30 until 17:00 and by this time I was pretty fed up. No courtesy car was offered and no apology was made. I have since had lights randomly come on and off, engine warnings appear and have just taken it in again. They now want 95 quid to replace the dome light which is causing the problem apparently- including the engine warning on the screen!?! They have been told I'm not paying them a penny and since that, they have not been interested.