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Fog Light Trouble

21 June 2013 - 03:58 PM



I drive a 2004 Fiesta Finesse and my car doesn't come with front fog lights. As Ive got bored with the basic bumper i was offered a 2004 Fiesta Zetec bumper w/ Fog lights for £40. Its away getting painted atm.   Below is my current lighting switch.


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As you can see theres no function for front fog lights just a rear fog light.


I got this off ebay which arrived today. Which was from a 2004 Fiesta  Zetec.


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But when i connected the fog light loom to the connector at the side of the radiator and connected the Zetec lighting switch. My front fogs came to life. Happy Days but my rear fog light wont come on at all now and im aware that the Zetec switch pops out twice to accommodate front and rear fogs. My rear fog light will only illuminate when i connect my current lighting switch up again. Ive no idea of where to start. Could it be the switch? The wiring loom in the car? Do i need a fuse?


As you've probably noticed im not a mechanic. Has anyone done this before or know if theres anyway i can overcome this problem. Sorry for going on abit!


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Many thanks


Thomas Martin 


21 June 2013 - 03:38 PM

Hi everyone!


My names Thomas and from Belfast. Drive a 2004 Fiesta Finesse (boring). Its nothing compared to some of the cars ive seen on this forum. Joined because i need help and it looks like i came to right place.