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Candy Red Metallic Or Pearl Or ????

07 December 2013 - 06:14 PM

Hi guys,


I have 1 Month old Focus in candy red or red candy and due to a stone chip and a few scratches have had to have bonnet resprayed, by a body shop (Honda Approved, Fords too pricey). I am certain he sourced Ford Candy red, and painted it as such......but!..... in daylight it matches perfectly, in any other light its a lot lighter because the new paint is a mass of metallic flakes the original paint has very few if any. I know there is a different between metallic and pearl in paint, and a different in two pack or tri-coat..........and there is a difference in Ford Candy red, with a U6 paint code and a FZ paint code.... how do i find out which i have?


I have gone to the ETIS site with the following results. (see below)


Primary Features
Build Date:   11.09.2013
Vehicle Line:   Focus 2011-
Body Style:   5 Door Saloon
Version:   Series 75
Engine:   1.6L EcoBoost SCTi 160/182PS-Sigma
Transmission:   6 Speed Manual Trans - B6
Drive:   RHD FWD
Axle Ratio:   3.82
Emission:   Stage V Emissions
Air Conditioning:   Manual Air Conditioning
Territory:   (+)"GB"
Paint:   Red Candy Tint CC
Interior Fabric:   Rack/Gecko / Charcoal Black (H-C)



So here it is Red Candy Tint CC....no mention of pearl or Metallic, and nowhere on the car can i find any paint code...U6 or FZ......can anyone find it on their car?


I have seen somewhere a Red Candy Metallic is this different from Red Candy Tint or indeed Candy Red Pearl?



Primary Features Build Date:   11.09.2013 Vehicle Line:   Focus 2011- Body Style:   5 Door Saloon Version:   Series 75 Engine:   1.6L EcoBoost SCTi 160/182PS-Sigma Transmission:   6 Speed Manual Trans - B6 Drive:   RHD FWD Axle Ratio:   3.82 Emission:   Stage V Emissions Air Conditioning:   Manual Air Conditioning Territory:   (+)"GB" Paint:   Red Candy Tint CC Interior Fabric:   Rack/Gecko / Charcoal Black (H-C)

2013 Focus 1.6 Ecoboost - Is This Normal?

17 November 2013 - 07:54 PM

Just had my New focus a week and, i do love how it drives and pulls,  love the candy red paint and in general compared to my previous 2001 focus it is a different animal completely (but didnt want to part with previous car).


Two little things ive noticed and wondering does anyone elses focus do the same.


1. When the car is on intermittent, the drivers side wiper moves from horizontal to vertical, then just before it gets back to horizontal it stops, waits a second, then goes to starting position - was pretty sure it just went to park position in the first few days. 


2. If you are in the car with the ignition on, then open drivers door and close it, i cant turn off the ignition or lock the car without starting it first. 


Still getting used to unlocking the car getting into it, then realise i don't need the keys in my hand as i have a push button start (old habits die hard)

New Ford Focus Zetec S Daytime Running Lights???

05 October 2013 - 06:02 PM

Hi, forum members.


I have ordered a new 1.6 ford focus ecoboost, and waiting for its delivery. I was wondering do they come with DRL's or will i have to purchase them separately. Been trying to find the answer searching the internet. I am aware they are mandatory, from 2011 just haven't seen a focus with them switched on, hence the question.


Many thanks