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In Topic: Ford Fusion Wishbone

26 June 2013 - 06:03 AM

The balljoint seal had split. That means (on the fusion at any rate, though they may have changed later models?) getting the angle grinder and drill out because the ball joint is rivetted, Once it's out (grind off rivets, drill through hole with success bigger bits) the replacement is 12-20 quid depending on where you get it from, and bolts on. The 'premium' balljoint from Euro car parts (list is 20 quid, I paid 16 I think) includes a pinch bolt for the hub-wishbone. Which is nice, considering I'd already bought one from ford. Doh.


Also had to grind off a deep ring socket to get it into the top of the suspension leg. Fun and games. Oh well, at least it's done and should the other side go, it won't take anywhere near as long to sort it out. And it was cheaper than a new wishbone (and having to get tracking sorted).


Now just need to sort out the other bits (timing belt, service, boot solenoid). One job seems to lead to another...

In Topic: Ford Fusion Wishbone

23 June 2013 - 09:10 PM

The couple of quid bit sounds fine. The 300 thing... not so. *gulp*

In Topic: Ford Fusion Boot Release Problem - Please Help

23 June 2013 - 04:35 PM

Have exactly the same problem with the wifes car (it may be my daily runner a-b/work mule soon so I will try and get round to fixing all the stuff she doesn't tell me about until black smoke is coming out of it). Think it must be the solenoid in my case as you can hear the 'schnick' (or whatever sound a solenoid makes) but it's too weak to pop the boot. Any ideas how to find it? Presumably in the spare wheel well or thereabouts?

In Topic: Ford Fusion Wishbone

23 June 2013 - 04:28 PM

That is absolutely spot on, great stuff!


I take it 1473935/1444106 (bolt and nut) and 1382597 (bolt) are stealer dealer only jobs. Can't see motor facotrs doing them. Think a wishbone is gonna cost around 42 quid from Euro Car Parts and a spring 28 quid from same place. Might plead poverty, see if they knock me some off. If that fails I'll plead stupidity and drool on the counter - usually gets a discount from them just to make you clear off  :blink: