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Bodyshop In The South

10 September 2014 - 09:28 PM

Has anyone on here used Abbey Sprays in Romsey , Southampton area?

Would like to know if anyone recommends them.

St Engine Tapping

15 August 2014 - 09:18 PM

Right so noticed this loud tapping sound over the top of the normal ticking the ST engine makes. This sound definitely was not on my st2. Engine is almost 500 miles and noise is louder now. Happens when engine is cold, warm, just started, left on idle after a run around etc.


What do you guys think?  around 6 - 10 seconds in is when my phone captures the sound best


Cruise Control

15 August 2014 - 08:14 AM

So having cruise on the fiesta for the first time, I was wondering if someone could confirm this.


Im cruising at say 70, go to activate cruise control, I press the ON button, no light on the dash, then I press the Set+ button , the crusie control kicks in and the light appears on the dash. However, reading the manual, it says the dash light should come on when pressing the ON button, can anyone confirm what it does on theirs? Thanks


Mountune Mp215 To A Standard St

13 August 2014 - 04:14 PM

Thought I would do a quick right up of transferring from an  STMP215 to a Stock ST



I do not intend for this topic to turn into a debate about mountune vs revo vs
finsport and if mountune is worth it to keep the warranty, it is purely my
opinion of transferring from mp215 to standard as most reviews are of standard to



I parted with my st mp215 recently for a stock st. I had the MP215 upgrade fitted for around

2 months and had driven over 2000 miles with the mp215 fitted. I also had the
mountune silicone induction hose fitted.


I have now driven almost 400 miles with a stock ST, mix of country lanes, motorway driving
and around town in traffic.


The first thing to note, the engine pitch is slightly less ‘grunty’ in a stock st. The
mp215 seemed to have a ‘meatier’ engine note, however this only a slight
change, if you weren’t trying to listen for it you wouldn’t notice.


The next difference is the pronounced ‘hiss’ you get with the mp215 when jumping off the
throttle. In an mp215 the hiss is very noticeable even with the windows up. On
a stock ST you can still here it but it is a lot quieter. I personally liked
the hiss but a lot of people used to comment it sounded chavvy or like a dump valve.


Now the main difference of course is the revised engine map. When booting the mp215 in 2nd
it is very urgent, yet again in 3rd.  A great way Ive seen of describing the mp215
is 2nd gear is like stock 1st gear, 3rd gear
is like 2nd gear stock.  It is
quicker, but it doesn’t blow your mind and it isn’t hugely/ drastically
quicker. The pickup seems to be fractionally quicker aswell with mp215. Now the
interesting thing about the mp215 map, cruising at 60, 65 , 70 ish on the
motorway, you just have to give the throttle a little blip and you get an extra
10 mph, however the stock st seems to do the same, only fractionally slower,
almost like a few milli seconds of turbo lag (if you can class it as that).


I do need to point out though I lost at least 4 mpg off my average mpg and the stock ST does
drink fuel like water, but the mp215 if you give it a thrashing for a while
down an exciting road, your fuel gauge will definitely suffer, but that’s the
beauty of owning a hot hatch. If you can’t afford it don’t buy it.


So in summary, you can notice little changes and yes there is more torque available, however don’t
it expect the mp215 to blow your mind away and it to be drastically different.


I have now added the mountune silicone induction hose to my standard st and have noticed the
‘hiss’ is a bit more pronounced and can feel a change with the pickup being
slightly quicker.


I know it is only a short review but may help someone who is sitting on the fence deciding
over it.

Full Beam

12 August 2014 - 09:35 PM

Changed my full beam bulbs over earlier and checked if they still line up. I've driven up to the garage head on and full beam on. Should the 2 spots be completely level? My passenger side is slightly lower than drivers side, ive checked and both bulbs are fitted properly. Could Someone confirm what it should be please