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In Topic: Egr Issue - P0405 & P0401

24 June 2013 - 03:00 PM

Okay, I drove 10 miles to work. Engine was up to normal operating temperature. With the engine running I reset the fault codes and then disconnected the hose from the vacuum to the EGR. There was hardly any suction or vacuum created at all. Maybe enough to hold onto a very small piece of toilet tissue but nowehere near enough to hold onto my A4 folded piece of paper. Out of interest the other pipe to the air filter housing was again really powerful suction and held onto the piece of paper easily. I'm thinking the vacuum solenoid is knackered not allowing sufficient suction go to the EGR. I will try to get another one from a scrap yard. Does it have to come from a diesel or would any identical one suffice? Lee.

In Topic: Egr Issue - P0405 & P0401

24 June 2013 - 10:48 AM

I went out this morning to test the vacuum hose into the EGR valve.  I have a black vacuum solenoid with a white top.  There is a two wire plug which goes to it and there are three hoses which leave it.  The first one marked "in" goes to the brake vacuum which I presume supplies the vacuum to the solenoid.  The second one marked "out" goes to the EGR and the third one is the largest hose and this should go into the top of the air filter box.  However, mine was just hanging loose in the engine bay.  I have now connected it to the air filter box (I was hoping this would solve my issue but after clearing the codes again the P0405 came back as a pending within a few minutes).  The large hose to the air filter box has a lot of suction on it.  When I put my finger over it it really applies some suction. When I block this hose fully the car stalls and beeps, is this normal?  The hose to the EGR has very little suction (it has some but nowhere near as much as the other hose).  This was with the car idling and getting warm but not fully operating temperature.  Should I run the test again when the engine is hot after a long journey?  Does this make any sense to anybody.  Any help would be appreciated.  Lee.

In Topic: Egr Issue - P0405 & P0401

24 June 2013 - 09:13 AM

Thanks for the comprehensive reply.  If it is electrical/ECU issue I will definately leave well alone and delete the codes just before the MOT!


However, somebody has suggested it may be the vacuum solenoid/regulator which attaches to the EGR via a small pipe.  I'm not really technically minded but I presume the simplest test will be to check my regulator/solenoid to see if I have suction when I remove the pipe from the EGR valve with the engine running? Thanks, Lee.