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Non Running Galaxy (2.3 Duratec Petrol 1997)

12 April 2010 - 02:24 PM

Hi everyone

Can anyone help as our galaxy is refusing to start.

Drove fine on friday. Went to start it on sunday morning and fired up and ticked over for a matter of seconds and then died.Restarted it and just did the same and now refuses to start.
So far we have checked the following:
number 30 Relay (tested it switch inside was working fine)
Checked all hoses for splits and no splits were found

We have tried to start the car today with the jump leads and heard a rapid beeping noise along with a sucking noise from underneath the car.

We've only owned the car 6months and has 99k miles on the clock and we've only covered around 5k miles since it was baught

Has anyone else had this problem? and can anyone help?

Thanks in advance :)

west yorkshire meet, tonight anyone?

26 April 2009 - 10:26 AM

me and my freinds are wanting to have a meet so if anyone in west yorkshire want to meet,wakefield if you want to come out for a general ride out and chat etc then we will be at the mcdonalds carpark oposite morrisons it is on dewsbury road,wakefield.

So if anyone just wants to come along its just a general meet to chat and go for a sunday drive around if you would like to come along, , we will be at mcdonalds for around 7 oclock any problems etc please call me on: 07599803742 my names rob. just incase anyone gets lost anywhere lol

thanks Rob:)