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How To Replace The Blade On A 58 Plate Mondeo Key

07 July 2013 - 10:17 PM

I have just bought a 2nd hand key with the transponder and circuit board inside, and want to take out my transponder and blade and circuit board out of my one and put it in the one I bought becuase I dropped my original key and it cracked on side, does anyone know how to get the blade part open? I got the battery side opened but can't seem to get the blade part opened


I have attached a picture of the key style I have

Mondeo 2.0 Cruise Control And Brake Light Bulb Problem

25 June 2013 - 07:38 PM

Hi everyone this is my 1st post as I bought a 58 plate ford mondeo 2.0 petrol (lpg converted) yesterday as a 2nd car for my long commute to work, and I've notice 2 problems with it already, 1 is that the cruise control doesn't work, pressing the button does nothing what so ever, and 2nd is that I'm getting a "Stop lamp error"


So I had a look at the brake lights, and when they are on, they both light up but one side was brighter than the other, so I thought the dim one must be on its way out therefor giving the error, so I replaced it with 3 different bulbs all same spec but different manufactures (12v 5w) but its still dim, and still giving the error message. So I took the brighter bulb and checked the spec and its the same as the one I was putting in the car, I then swapped the brighter bulb from the left side to the right and put one of the new bulbs in the left side and the problem reversed, the side that was dim went bright and the brighter side went dim


any ideas? thanks in advance